The Institute for Racial Justice Research & Advocacy was established to examine and dismantle racial prejudice and inequality in the law through research, advocacy and community education. The Institute seeks to educate the next-generation of racial justice lawyers and advocates, engage the local and national community by sponsoring public roundtables and discussions and offering workshops and symposia on matters of racial justice, and advocate for meaningful racial justice reform. 

The Institute's work includes: 

1.   Designing and teaching courses on racial

      inequality and the law; 

2.  Educating tomorrow's racial justice leaders

     through student fellowships and internship


3.  Consulting with organizations, businesses,

     and community organizers to address issues of

     racial justice and inequality; 

4.  Engaging with the community on issues of race

      and inequality by hosting community

      roundtables and public conversations on 

      racial justice, as well as, workshops, symposia,

      and speaker series; 

5.  Engaging in advocacy and policy change                    through the publication of amicus briefs, white        papers, reports, op-eds, and other educational        resources; and 

6.  Developing partnerships with local and

      national legal organizations to pursue racial

       justice advocacy projects and engage in

      high-impact litigation.